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The Yogic Code


1. The Practice of Law is intertwined with my Practice of Yoga;

2. Truth is sought through honest and focused dialogue, and through investigation;

3. Lawyer and Client mediate on a just and realistic goal to resolve the issues;

4. The paths to the goal are both: 1) linear and tested by time honored legal practices; and inspirational allowing for a higher power to direct lawyer and client to creative and innovative solutions;

5. I am prepared at all times through organization and heightened awareness;

6. I am dedicated to processing all information through an ego-less filter, never losing equanimity;

7. Falling is part of life, an essential component of success and not a reason for doubt;

8. The lawyer and client maintain a sense of humor and joy despite the importance of the matter;

9. The lawyer and client are mutually supportive, fostering a climate of safety and security;

10. I set a fee based on both economic realities and compassion, reminded that giving assistance is a blessing and opportunity to evolve;

11. I practice yoga everyday to maintain health, vitality and inner calm;

12. I take decisive action, as would any warrior true to his practice;

13. Drama belongs in the courtroom, if effective and appropriate, not in the relationships with client, the adversary or the court;

14. The result of any legal matter is processed without anger or arrogance, allowing the lawyer and client to let go and move forward, celebrating the journey;

15. I am grateful for every client and every opportunity to serve;

16. The past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is all we have. Let’s use each moment wisely and with great care!


Written by: Richard A. Hamar, as a professional code and promise to every client, adversary and the court.



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