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We are blessed and thankful that the Japanese culture provided us with a poetic form called haiku. Haiku is the combination of form, content and revelation in three lines. In classic haiku, the first line contains five (5) syllables, the second line seven (7) syllables, and the third line contains five (5) syllables. Although haiku poetry does not rhyme and the grammar and words are simple, traditional haiku poetry paints a mental image relating nature to deep emotions.  The third line is usually a moment of enlightenment, or aha moment.
Haiku lends a perfect expression for the moments of enlightenment gained through the practice of yoga. As an asana is a simple physical form with deep hidden meaning, haiku is the perfect complement.
Richard Hamar has frequent moments of enlightenment that naturally flow from an inspiring teacher, or a mind free of chaos through a deep yogic state.  These moments of enlightenment were sometimes channeled into the haiku form, usually right after class.
Richard is so grateful to all of his yoga teachers, who collectively in the numerous areas of the United States inspired this poetry. A special thanks goes to Ashley Turner who teaches at Brian Kest’s Power Yoga in Santa Monica for the profound effect she has on her students through her dedication to transforming them. Richard is also deeply grateful to the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda in Autobiography of a Yogi for the knowledge and inspiration that have provided a frequent source for the following selected haiku poetry.



Commandments with Grace
Devoted to the moment
Leading to the Light


Wrapped in Fatigue
One thousand Breaths Ago
Floating out the Door
Breathing in Mountain Pose
The deeper i go Inside
The Higher i soar
Breathing in Samadhi
Conjures the treasures within
In Union with Him
Four times per minute
The ageless turtle breathes
Oh, eternity
I stopped running
Breathing through painful loss
The flip side of bliss


Opening my Heart
Recognizing Blissful Love
In Humanities Eyes
Searching for Lovers
By First Seducing Thyself
Through Daily Practice
Sweaty bodies all
Working in joyous union
Giving silently
I was in camel
Heart thrust to a Bright Star
Seeking forgiveness


I am Sick Today
Breath and Purity Diverted
Yoga, Grant me Health
Chaos in my mind
Melts into conversation
With my breath and I
Frantic at the well
Of the junkyards in my mind
The ego at work
My passport to hell
Slave transported by the past
Come back, break the chain
Mining the future
Lusting for transparent gold
The Treasure is Now
World’s frantic pace
Drains the battery of life
Hug your mother earth
I held a thought dear
No emotion was attached
It was proven false
How long must I wait
For happiness to arrive
It must be earned
Gripping my Anguish
Treasures burned to ashes
Courage to let go


Terrorized by Money
Stumbling into Crescent Moon
All is Shape Shifting
On Wooden Floor
Breathing in Double Pigeon
The hips are the blues
Pushing to my Edge
Past the Point of Comfort
A Just Donation
Sprawled into Frog
Pain and Fear holding my loins
Surrender is Grace
Heaven sent vision
Inverted on my shoulders
A fresh point of view
Heels up the wall
Standing on my palms
Gravity be damned
Memory of pain
Unresolved dark karma
Released in forward bend


Shedding my Life
Claimed by Savasana
In Death, Find Rebirth


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