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Initiations and Membership


     Yogalaw is a magnet attracting attorneys world-wide who will accept cases from clients in their specialized areas of the law and office location. It is also a network in which attorneys can share knowledge and strength.

     The protection of the right to life, liberty, commerce and happiness is more than an opportunity for lawyers to earn a living; it is a mandate to provide service and to leave this world better for our efforts.

     Those with legal training are the core of proposing, drafting, interpreting and enforcing the laws that hold our society together. The highest Court of arguably the most powerful and influential democracy is almost always composed of nine well trained attorneys.  Shakespeare’s oft misunderstood quote, “First kill all the lawyers,” actually meant that the surest way a totalitarian government could abolish individual rights was to eliminate those that champion those rights.

     The power entrusted to attorneys also creates an opportunity for abuse and neglect. This is most often the result of the negative effects of the practice of law such as burn-out, excessive stress, substance abuse, emotional imbalance, physical pain, financial distress and lack of focus. These conditions can turn a brilliant, ethical career into a nightmare for client and attorney.

     Those who consistently practice yoga send a message to each cell of their body and condition each thought that the practitioner is deserving of health and joy. Consistent yoga practice will also create the clarity, focus and strength of a warrior.

     The first publication of yoga law members shall be on January 1, 2007. Substantial relevant information about each member with appropriate links to other information will be provided to the world at large though yogalaw.

     Neither Richard Hamar, Hamar & Hamar, a p c nor yogalaw will accept a referral fee, an association fee or invade the sanctity of the attorney-client relationship.

     Membership will not be based on stringent background checks or embarrassing disclosures. Membership is based merely on a consistent practice of yoga and adherence to the general tenets of the yogic code as stated herein.

     For those interested, a simple application, a membership agreement and a $35.00 annual fee is required. If the applicant is not accepted, the application fee is fully refundable. For more information contact: , or call at: (310) 550-0460.


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